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             "Patron Fellow" of the Michigan State Bar Foundation

2018    “Director Emeritus,” disAbility Connections, Inc.

2009     “Empowering Life Award,” disAbility Connections, Inc.
2003     “Distinguished Service Award,” from Photo Marketing Association International
2006     “Rotary International District 6360 Service Award”
1999     “Rotarian of the Year,” Rotary Club of Jackson, Michigan
1987    Designated a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary Foundation of Rotary International upon the nomination of the Rotary Club of Jackson
1987     American Cancer Society National Division Award (Top volunteer in the State with long standing service)



Numerous articles related to issues affecting the photo industry and were published by Photo Marketing Association International, a non-profit trade association. Among the writings published are the following:

Moilanen, Photo Processing and the Law,1989, published by Photo Marketing Association International.

Moilanen, Michigan companies face new considerations for privacy releases, The School Photographer, August 2010
Moilanen, Price Controls, Photo Marketing Magazine, October, 2008.
Moilanen, Copyright, Photo Industry Copyright Law Summary, 2001, 2004, 2007, Photo Marketing Association International
    Moilanen, Legal Policies & Procedures - Sample documents, 2005, Photo Marketing Association International
Moilanen & Beer, Protecting your lab, Photo Marketing Magazine, May, 2004
Moilanen & Beer, Protecting your lab, Digital Imaging Digest, March, 2004
Moilanen, PMA Copyright Report (Canada), 2004, Photo Marketing Association International
Moilanen (co-author), Photo Industry Copyright Guidelines (UK), 2003, Photo Marketing Association International
Moilanen, Digital Media Limit of Liability Notice, 2003, Photo Marketing Association International
Moilanen, Digital Media Limit of Liability Statement and Form, 2003, Photo Marketing Association International
Moilanen, Copyright Office eases photo registration requirements, Photo Marketing Magazine, September, 2001
Moilanen, Copyright in the Internet Age, Photo Marketing Magazine, January, 2001

Moilanen, New copyright guidelines to aid school photographers, The School Photographer, February, 1996
Moilanen (co-author), Photo Industry Copyright Guidelines, 1995, Photo Marketing Association International
Moilanen, Agreement reduces labs’ legal exposure, Specialty Lab Update, May, 1992
Moilanen, Legal Policies, Procedures &Forms - Sample documents, 1991, Photo Marketing Association International 
Moilanen, Exploring the right of privacy, Part I, Specialty Lab Update, September, 1989
Moilanen, Exploring the right of privacy, Part II, Specialty Lab Update, October, 1989
Moilanen, Copyright: Issus to Know, Photo Marketing Magazine, September, 1988 

Speeches made on behalf of Photo Marketing Association:*   

MPDFA Convention Speech, 1973; MPDFA Convention Speech, 1976; Lost and Damaged Film, (New Orleans, Sept, 1979); "Lost and Damaged Film ... A Look at Limitation of Liability" (Chicago Sept., 1981); APCL - Product Liability and Lost and Damaged Film (San Francisco, 2/83); A Look at the Legal Issues Facing The Photographic Industry (San Antonio, Texas, 1983); Equipment Purchase Agreements (Las Vegas 2/13/86); Building Your Image & School Commissions and Disclosure Statements (PSPA - Chicago, 2/21/87); Lost and Damaged Film (APCL, San Francisco, 1/88); "An Issue of Copyright" (PSPA, Chicago, 2/88); Lost and Damaged Film (APCL, Chicago, 8/88); "More On Copyright And Lost and Damaged Film Liability" (APCL, Hawaii 1/89); "Connecticut Tax Laws For Dealers and Processors" (PMA Connecticut New York Division, Inc. Meeting 6/89); "Photo Processing and the Law" (PMA, Washington, D.C., 9/89); "The Law and How It Affects You" (PSPA, Las Vegas 2/20/90); "Lost and Damaged Film -- The $1,500 Dilemma"(APCL Regional Meeting Chicago 7/20/90); "Lost and Damaged Film -- The $1,500 Dilemma"(APCL Regional Meeting Ottawa - 9/14/90); "Lost and Damaged Film -- The $1,500 Dilemma" (APCL Regional Meeting Las Vegas - 9/28/90); Executive Issues Forum (Jackson 11/6/90); "Professional Processing and The Law" APCL Scottsdale, AZ - Annual Convention - 1/10/91); "Professional Processing and the Law" (APCL Arizona 1/10-11/91); "Copyright and Other Legal Issues" (Las Vegas 2/20/91); "Photo Processing & The Law" (PMA Las Vegas 2/21/91); Discussion on copyright, child pornography (Jackson, MI - 3/22/91); Update on current copyright laws and interpretations; lost & damage film issues; obscenity & child pornography (Milwaukee, WI - 4/20/91); TVP Meeting Report (Jackson, MI 5/1/91); "Recent Legal Developments and Their Effect On The Photographic Processing Industry" (Washington, D.C. 5/1/91); Environmental Issues (Allentown, PA 6/20/91); "Copyright, A Continuing Issue" (Las Vegas 2/4/92); "The Professional Photographer As An Employee" (Las Vegas 2/5/92); "Environmental Law - Recent Events In California and Ramifications" (Las Vegas 2/5/92); "Photo Industry Legal Symposium" (Las Vegas, NV 2/5/92); "Dealing with Copyright Realities" (Woburn, MA 3/18/92); "Electronic Imaging Without Copyright? - No Way!" (Washington, DC 3/26/92); "U.S. Copyright and Anti-Trust Laws:  How They Relate To You" (Charleston, SC 5/30/92); "Legal Issues Facing Labs Today" (Dallas, TX 10/3/92); "Electronic Imaging And The Copyright Issue" (Atlanta, GA 2/18/93); Photofinishing [Mini/1-hour] Advisory Committee Presentation (Jackson, MI 5/11/93); "Gray Market" (PMDA New York, NY 6/17/93); "Copyright Issues" (Atlanta, GA 2/17/94) ; "Photo Imaging & Copyright" (Las Vegas, Nevada 2/9/95); "Photo Imaging & Copyright" (Jackson, MI 5/2/95); "Photo Imaging & Copyright" (Jackson, MI 5/9/95); "Copyright” (Portland, OR 10/5/95); "New Copyright Guidelines" (APCL Convention 1/13/96); "Copyright" (PMA Convention Las Vegas, NV 2/22/96); DIMA Conference (Dallas, Texas 10/26/96); "Lost & Damage Liability" & "Copyright" (PMA Convention - New Orleans, LA 2/21/97); "Copyright: Where Are We Now?" (PMA Convention New Orleans, LA  2/14/98); "Whistleblowing Do's and Don'ts" (PMA Convention New Orleans, LA2/15/98); “Copyright in the Digital Arena” (PMA Presentation Orlando, FL 10/8/98); “Copyright Update” (PMA Convention Las Vegas, NV 2/18/99); Digital Imaging Copyright Issues and Answers (DIMA Conference, Florida Oct. 1999)     Copyright Issues On the Web, (PMA 2/5/2000)     Copyright Issues and Answers (PMA 10/14/2000); Copyright Issues in a Digital World (PSPA 2/9/2001); Copyright Issues On the Web (PMA 2/12/2001); Copyright and the Internet (APCI Puerto Rico 4/28/2001)     Copyright Issues (PMA Retailer Roundtable  9/6/01)     Today’s Copyright Issues (PMA Orlando 2/25/02); Limit of Liability for Digital (PMA Las Vegas 3/4/03); “Government Regulations - What you need to know” (APCI Orlando, 2/19/2005); “Shocking Shots: Controversial Images and your liability” (DIMA Orlando, 2/19/2005); Photography & the Law: What Every Student Should Know (PIEA Orlando 2006); Copyright in the Digital Age (PMA Las Vegas 2008); Copyright Risks in Our Digital World (PMA Las Vegas 2008); Copyright-Teaching Consumers to Respect the Law (PMA Las Vegas 2008); PIEA Roundtable Discussions (PMA Las Vegas 2008)

* Formal presentations at industry meetings.

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