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Personal Profile


Family: Husband of Karen for 52 years, father of Todd and Scott, father-in-law of Jessica and Bekah, and grandfather of 9.

Law Practice:

I have been in the private practice of law in Jackson, Michigan since 1972. I thrive on analyzing and solving complex legal problems. Use of a creative approach which adds value to the client’s business operations or personal legal matters is the critical factor to the success I’ve enjoyed since leaving law school. I work in all subject areas except criminal law and divorce. I am a different kind of lawyer.  I am a “doer,” moving beyond paralysis by analysis. I accomplish change. I experiment with new approaches, refining and improving them through experience, and then moving forward.


The focus of my work has been on business litigation, and on counseling people how to avoid it if they come to me at the beginning of their venture. This includes the planning process when starting a business, and working with employees and partners to help everyone understand their potential benefits and problems. I provide advice and counsel to owners and employees of business enterprises on organization, strategies, and tactics to lawfully and effectively achieve their objectives.

While analysis is important, solving problems is critical. I am a strategist.  My practice has focused on solving complex, substantial, problems. No one will work harder to advocate for you in any setting.

Business Owner/Executive:
  - Philip M. Moilanen P.C.
  - Real Estate Investments
  - Board of Directors of publically & privately held companies, both profit and non-profit.
  - Trustee of private trusts

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